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Patricia Norris

Patty joined the L.E.B. Electric team back in 2008, bringing her decades of financial experience along with her. Patty oversees all the company’s financial interests, managing all certified payrolls, retirements, accounts payable and receivable and forecast yearly projections. Patty is a dedicated team player at all levels for both L.E.B. and our clients.


Kellie Kerr

Kellie joined L.E.B. Electric in 2016, after graduating college with a Business Administration degree. Kellie keeps management informed by reviewing and analyzing special reports, summarizing information and making sure that all projects are meeting their expectations. She also helps assist with the billing, payroll, and accounts receivable departments.

ESTIMATOr & Purchaser

Patrick Goeren

Patrick has over 40 years of experience in the electrical industry. He is versed in all phases of electrical work, having worked at every level of the industry throughout his career. He has experience with design/build and pre-construction estimating services. He has been an integral part of the L.E.B. team for over 30 years.


Peter Mikolajuk

Peter has over 25 years of experience in the electrical industry, estimating electrical work at all levels. Peter works with sub-vendors during the pricing/bidding stage of projects to get the best costs associated with the needs of the project. Peter also works with L.E.B.’s Project Managers from the estimating/purchasing process to the completion and closeout process.

Project Manager

Andrew Balcom

Andrew has 25 years of electrical field experience, starting his career with L.E.B. as a foreman and working his way up to project manager. Andy manages a variety of projects in the institutional & commercial fields, specializing in wastewater projects. Being hands-on and field-trained, Andrew can assess project conditions and adjust accordingly.

Project manager

Harry Gavers

Harry has over 20 years of experience in the electrical industry, starting as an electrician and transitioning to Project Manager. When problems arise, he is proactive and creative in resolving issues, saving time, and money. His past field experience is invaluable when it comes to properly coordinate projects to meet the needs of clients.

Project manager

William Budrewicz

Bill started his electrical career after serving in the United States Marine Corps. After working in the field, mainly as a foreman for over 23 years, Bill was hired by L.E.B. as a Project Manager. Although well versed in all aspects of the electrical field, Bill specializes in Health Care projects. Bill is dedicated to assuring a successful outcome for every project.

Project manager

Michael Mannino

Mike started his electrical career in August 2009 when L.E.B. hired him as an apprentice. After 9 years in the field, Mike made the transition, working as an Assistant Project Manager. In less than two years, he was able to progress to a full-time Project Manager. Since then, he has shown nothing but results, by completing all his projects on time and budget.

Project manager

Annmarie Maenza

Annmarie has been with L.E.B. for two years but has over 10 years of experience in the management field. Annmarie handles and submits bid proposals to all prospective clients and provides full-time support for each project. Annmarie also participates in the start-up process for new projects by processing submittals, requesting information, and plan changes.

Project & Safety Manager / 2D/3D Drafter

Ronald Kramer

Ronald began his career with L.E.B. Electric working in the warehouse when he was a teenager and was later promoted to work out in the field as an electrical apprentice. After graduating college with an Electrical Engineering degree, and serving in the Air Force, he returned to L.E.B Electric, working as a Project Manager, 2D/3D Drafter, and Safety Manager.


Greg Cedzich

Greg has over 30 years of experience in low voltage electrical work specializing in security systems, data communications and fire alarm systems. Greg sees projects through from the design/bidding stage through the construction process and ultimately trains and leaves clients comfortable and familiar with the end product.


Anthony Andreano

Anthony has been with L.E.B. for 10 years and has over 25 years of low voltage electrical experience to include voice/data, security, A.V., life safety and fiber optics systems. Anthony understands programming and setting up low voltage systems, including final set-ups, troubleshooting and training for the end-user/client.